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Home Hill's Comfort Stop

Our Comfort Stop is much more than just toilets. It also includes free showers, parenting facilities, two electric barbeques, sinks, large stainless steel bench, and eating areas.

Should you arrive in Home Hill without any barbeque supplies - this is not a problem. Everything needed for a barbeque is available from nearby shops - meat, sausages, cooking oils, tongs, plates and cutlery, desserts. Want to "throw a shrimp on the barby"? Fancy ice cream and apple pie for dessert? The volunteers at the Tourist Information Centre in the old Rail Station across the road from the Stop can suggest sources of supply or you can take your time and explore our shops. Parking in the Service Lane is usually not a problem.

Motor homes, caravans, campervans are allowed to stop for 48 hours in Railway Avenue at the rear of the comfort stop - in the centre of town. Many free camp grounds are too far away from anything to be convenient. A black water dump for RV's is nearby - all free. All we ask is that you buy your supplies in Home Hill if possible and explore Home Hill and its district.

Bookings - No bookings to stay at Railway Avenue - first in - first choice of site.  Please park carefully and thoughtfully - don't waste the available space.  In the Winter tourist season, Railway Avenue is a popular stop for a lot of people.

No Campervan, caravan or motor home? - We have a motel, three hotels, and a van park with cabins. Click on Products Services on the menu.

Directions to tourist parking, Railway Avenue and the RV dump station are given by several signs, but a map follows below so you can become acquainted with our streets before you arrive. (You do plan to stop in Home Hill, don't you? You're very welcome.)

There are two print versions of the map and landmarks - one to suit entering Home Hill from the North (Townsville, Charters Towers), and the other from South (Mackay, Bowen). The photos and map suit the direction of travel. This should be helpful to your "navigator" to follow when you enter town. Use the 'Print Versions' button above the menu.

The green markers on the map -
Place your cursor over a marker, and a view of the street appears. Preview our town and become familiar with its landmarks.
Extra feature - CLICK for Street View - 360° panorama and "drive" along the street.
Street View may take several seconds to appear. Street View photos taken late 2007. Some buildings have changed colour since then. The black water dump point was build in 2008.
Internet Explorer users - Google is dropping support for older versions of IE. Street View may not work. Try another browser or update your browser.
For best printing results, use the print button above the menu.
Stop Map
10th St
10th St
8th St
8th St
6th St
6th St

There were changes made to streets in Home Hill late 2006/early 2007. Some maps may not show the changes. This map is up to date.

The entrance to Railway Avenue from Tenth Street was closed when Qld Rail built a fence beside the rail. The Shire Council has rebuild the northern entrance and it is NOW OPEN (two-way traffic).

The Service Lane is one-way traffic (north only).

Zigzag entrance at the southern end of Service Lane - no entry from the North.  Must be approached from the South or Sixth Street.

There is a sign on the wall at the Comfort Stop with the Rules for overnight stays -


The facilities of the Home Hill Comfort Stop and surrounding area have been made available for the use and enjoyment of local residents and visitors.

  • All litter to be placed in PUBLIC/COMFORT STOP bins only, not private industrial bins.
  • Maximum stay 48 hours.
  • Activities should not restrict public use or access to any land, fixture or fittings.
  • Overnight stays in vehicles only - no tents allowed.

The following activities are prohibited :

  • Parking across driveways or on footpaths.
  • Clotheslines or washing.
  • Use of generators.
  • Disposal of grey, black or chemical water.
  • Commercial activities.

If users are not complying with the above rules, they will be required to move on. Chief Executive Officer

Footnotes - Disposal of grey, black or chemical water - not into the toilets, please. A dumping point has been built for water just across the rail - see map.

No powered sites. If you require power, we have two van parks in town, two out of town (Groper Creek, Inkerman Hill), and more parks in Ayr 10km away. Please do not run cables from the power outlets at the Comfort Stop to your van. They create a hazard to others.

Suggestion - bring some pieces of wood of varying thicknesses to place under your van wheels - the street has a camber. A small request - don't park on the footpath - that creates an obstacle to mowing and causes ruts.

Remember - This is a public street. Please make sure your property is secure before leaving your site.

Most people comment that Home Hill is a nice friendly little town. One more rule - THE GENERAL RULE - if you arrive in Home Hill with a smile, you will be greeted with a smile. See ya in Home Hill!

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